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Absolutely not! You can also place a single order and suspend deliveries. After purchase you can manage deliveries from your profile, suspend or reactivate them at any time with total freedom without any constraints.

The delivery time for the first delivery can vary from 7 to 10 days, depending on the order queue and the day you place your order. You can see the delivery date before placing your order. After the first order, deliveries are always on time every 14 days.

Delivery includes baby food for 2 weeks with the daily ration divided into 2 meals (lunch and dinner). It is also possible to order the half version with only one meal per day.

In terms of goodness and palatability they are not comparable to any industrial food on the market, your dog will love it! It is also a food that is much easier to digest and provides a lot of benefits, such as a strong, shiny coat, excellent health and a dog that is always fit.

All of our recipes are perfectly balanced for every age group

Meals are vacuum cooked

All our materials are recycled or recyclable. In addition, for our subscribers, there is a packaging recovery service that we will reuse to limit waste.

All our recipes are created by Dr. Giacomo Biagi, professor of Animal Nutrition & Pet Feeding, one of the top experts in Italy.

At present the service is active in italy islands excluding Calabria and Puglia. It is also active in Ticino - Switzerland.

This is not possible because our food is shipped still fresh, precisely to avoid the risk of thawing and because this service was created to offer the highest quality you cannot find elsewhere.

Id depends, roughly 50%

All of our recipes are grain free!

Nope, all recipes are gluten free.

Deliveries in Italy outside Milan will be made between 09:00 am and 3:00 pm from Tuesday through Thursday, the delivery time slot can be seen in the tracking you receive by email before delivery. On Milan we deliver from Tuesday to Thursday between 3 pm and 7 pm. On Switzerland deliveries are now made on Friday from 9 to 18.

When the service is active, renewal occurs automatically every 14 days. The subscription is flexible, deliveries can be suspended and reactivated at any time with one click from the customer area.

Absolutely, each recipe inlcudes the necessary amount of vitamins to provide a complete food.

Our foods are vacuum cooked at low temperature to best preserve all nutritional properties.

The cost varies according to the caloric needs and profile of the dog starting from €1.60 per day. By filling out the form find out the final price of the tailored diet, if you have specific requests you can always write to us at help@petterfood.com or on whatsapp at 3715433378.

A consultation with your trusted veterinarian can only be helpful, in case you wish we can put you in touch with one of our veterinarians who can best handle your request, so you can always write to us at help@petterfood.com or on whatsapp at 3715433378.

You can check out all the ingredients in our recipes on the recipes page.

In the refrigerator it is recommended to be consumed within 25 days from the packaging date on the label on each package. In the freezer it will keep for at least 6 months from the date of freezing.

Shipping costs are always included in the price!

You can suspend or reactivate your subscription at any time from the customer area with a single click.